Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 47: Publow to Keynsham

Distance covered today: 6665 steps - 2.74 miles
Distance traveled so far: 240.80 miles
Route coordinates: 51.377245,-2.541018 | 51.409406,-2.51343
Walking date: Nov 6th

I'm traveling from Land's End to John O' Groats by means of Google Street View and Fitbit. In other words I have actually walked every mile I log, just in a more mundane location. This blog records the route I might have taken, if I had the luxury of taking a few months off work!

Today's route

Towards Keynsham

Looking out over the hills as I pass to the south east of Bristol

Rolling Hills

Spooky tree lined lanes

Spooky lanes
Spooky lanes

Approaching Keynsham near the end of today's walk. It feels good now to be passing by the first big city of this walk. Reaching Bristol from Land's End is no mean feat of itself. And, er, less than 1000 miles to go now. Gulp.

Approaching Keynsham

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