Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 54: Woodfield to Cambridge

Distance covered today: 8337 steps - 3.42 miles
Distance traveled so far: 269.29 miles
Route coordinates: 51.691713,-2.379999 | 51.732078,-2.364292
Walking date: Nov 26th

I'm traveling from Land's End to John O' Groats by means of Google Street View and Fitbit. In other words I have actually walked every mile I log, just in a more mundane location. This blog records the route I might have taken, if I had the luxury of taking a few months off work!

Today's route

A Town and Country walk

Passing through the outskirts of Dursley heading north


Crossing over the M5 motorway, a first sign of turning back towards the west and setting my sights upon South Wales

Crossing the M5

Today's route ends in Cambridge (no, not THAT Cambridge)


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