Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 72: Heol Senni to Cray Reservoir

Distance covered today: 10822 steps - 4.44 miles
Distance traveled so far: 354.56 miles
Route coordinates: 51.89927,-3.553417 | 51.890796,-3.625931 | 51.89641,-3.624386
Walking date: 12th February

I'm traveling from Land's End to John O' Groats by means of Google Street View and Fitbit. In other words I have actually walked every mile I log, just in a more mundane location. This blog records the route I might have taken, if I had the luxury of taking a few months off work!

Today's route

A Day of Sun, Trees, Hills and Lakes

Interesting litte house here, seems to be perched on a plinth above the ground. Perhaps the area is susceptible to floodwater coming down from the nearby hills?

House on a plinth

I'm enjoying this route - shady tree lined lane on a hot, sunny day!

Shady tree lined lane

Looking south towards the hills that I am skirting around here.

Hills to the south

And looking back west along my pleasant route between some of these forest plantations.

Forest plantations line the route

Descending towards the Cray reservoir. Apparently nothing to do with London gangsters or supercomputers.

The Cray reservoir

Having passed the Cray reservoir, I turn north again for the last section of today's route.

Heading north into blue skies

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