Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day 107: Ty-Hyll to Pont Rhyd-y-Dyfrgi

Distance covered today: 19491 steps - 8.01 miles
Distance traveled so far: 527.49 miles
Route coordinates: 53.100678,-3.860631|53.047630,-3.723897
Walking date: 19th September

I'm traveling from Land's End to John O' Groats by means of Google Street View and Fitbit. In other words I have actually walked every mile I log, just in a more mundane location. This blog records the route I might have taken, if I had the luxury of taking a few months off work!

Today's route

Coming out of the Hills

Crossing the Afon Llugwy at the start of today's fairly long walk.

Crossing the Afon Llugwy

Another example of the very distinctive architecture in this part of Wales - the Swallow Falls Hotel complex near Betws-Y-Coed. Perhaps I should have stayed here last night?

Swallow falls hotel


Entering Betws-y-Coed - literally "Prayer house in the Wood". Looks like a good outdoors store here to buy a new pair of boots.


Flat(ter) Country

Descending now into the much flatter farmland which will be my companion, as far as I can tell, from here until the Peak District.

Descending into flatter farmland

River Conwy

Crossing (I think) the River Conwy close to the end of the walk today.

Crossing the Conwy

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